MC Foo - FAQ


First you said it's C, now you claim it's Python? What's up with that?

The project started as part of our studies. That led to the C implementation -- choice of language was dictated by the lecturer.

Since the course, I got bored of debugging C, and decided I need to learn Python. Five hours later, I had reimplemented the core parts of MC Foo in Python. I still had to debug the line-based network interface. I ported it to use XML-RPC. That wasn't really satisfactory. I started spending time on #python on, and saw this group of hackers putting together an asynchronic input/output framework (and more) in Python. You can see the results of their work at Five hours later, MC Foo was ported to use twisted.spread.pb.

What's with the five hours?

You can do anything with Python in five hours, including learning it ;)

Other software originally created in five hours, with Python:

Why all this?

Because we always hated the limits inherent in many players available today.

Besides, the University made us do this to get credit units.

When will it actually work?

It works already, but I won't create a new snapshot until some critical features are a bit more user-friendly. You can still grab a snapshot from CVS.

What is the license?

GNU General Public License.

Who are you?

See authors.html.

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